Project management

SMK Ingenieurbüro GmbH initiates or is involved in various maritime research  and R&D projects. We utilize our proven network from industry, universities, research institutes and are always open for possible new project partners. We have cooperated for many years especially closely with the association for shipbuilding and marine technology (VSM) also with project promoter Jülich (PTJ), settling the costs of publically funded research and development .

We present a few of our more interesting projects below.
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Palinurus and Kamar  

A joint project with Schumanndesign, office for industrial form-development.

Living on and under the water, a combination of  project studies PALINURUS and KAMAR. Either as small mobile unit with the private feel of a houseboat or for more large-scale commercial use. To achieve this KAMAR  was created,  a permanently fixed apartment hotel, with an unusually attractive restaurant area located underwater. Above water up to 15 apartments with their own underwater observation areas. To develop and market these two projects SMK and Schumanndesign formed a joint-venture ‘Architectura Navalis’ >> link  Schumanndesign


(‘Increased productivity through quality assurance
in ship technical product data’)

With this group of projects quality and productivity for constructional ship technical drafts and design processes can be improved.


(‘Ship building information and communication infrastructure’)

The aim of this group of projects is make exchange of ship-related product and process information between those in the development and production processes more convenient, secure and efficient. Methodology was developed for this and an information and communication platform was designed and implemented.

Simulation program CranSim

We developed CranSim, a high performance interactive application to simulate graphically transporting large sections (up to and above 1,000 tons) by crane. CranSim utilizes all data from the current CAD systems and calculates, for example the total weight of a section, its centre of gravity, all forces in operation as well as the dimensions and the arrangement of the crane eyelets.